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June 27, 2017

Top Events Held Throughout Lake Nona

Lake Nona EventsLake Nona has all types of events held throughout the year. However, some of the ongoing events provide great social options, but may not usually make it onto your list. Here's a look at some of the ongoing events you may not be familiar with.

Lake Nona Nights: Live + Social

Held at Crescent Park in the Laureate Park neighborhood, this event happens every Thursday. The Live + Social event offers live music, a local market and plenty of social interaction. It's a regular event you can enjoy from 6pm to 8pm every single week.

Lake Nona Nights: The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar

On the second Tuesday of every month from 5pm to 8pm, the food trucks of the area will take over the Lake Nona Town Center. You'll get to sample food and enjoy plenty of great choices. This is a regular event held every month in Lake Nona for all to enjoy. Some of the food trucks you might encounter here include:

    • Sweet City Gelato
    • Monster Lobsta
    • It's All Greek to Me
    • French Fry Junction
    • Hard Rock Orlando
    • Philly's Best

Yoga Nona in Lakehouse

Held on Saturdays starting on September 3rd, Yoga Nona in Lakehouse will be held. This class is great for beginners and great for those looking to get started with Yoga. It's an hour long and usually it's held outside, but during rainy season, it's often held in the Lakehouse.

Tai Chi in Lakehouse

Another event that is often moved into the Lakehouse during rainy times is the Tai Chi class. This is for residents of Lake Nona to enjoy on Sundays and provides a great choice. It's open to the public and perfect for beginners to try.

Lake Nona Concert Series

Another regular event held in Lake Nona is the concert series. This concert series often features the Baroque Chamber Orchestra and it's held at Crescent Park.

Ride 4 Ronald

An event held every fall, the Ride 4 Ronald event will be on October 15th this year. It will be held at the Lake Nona Town Center and it cost $50 per rider. It's a part of the CAAM Tour Series and includes riding anywhere from 10 to 60 miles depending on your choice. Hundreds of riders will get together to help benefits the families served by the organization. This will be the eight annual holding of the event.

Crescent Cinema

Another regular event held in Lake Nona includes a movie on the lawn. It's a monthly movie night with all types of different films on the big screen. You can enjoy sitting in your own comfortable chair, bring the kids and take in the movie with friends.

Along with these regular events, Lake Nona is home to some great holiday events and so much more. If you're looking for something to get involved in on a weekly or monthly basis, however, these events are a great choice. The Ride 4 Ronald is the only one not held multiple times throughout the year, but it's also one of the top events for charity in the area.

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June 27, 2017

A Look at the New Grown Restaurant in Lake Nona

Grown RestaurantGrown is a new restaurant opened in the Lake Nona area. It just opened in the Lake Nona Landing Shopping Center and will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Right now, it's just in the soft opening phase and the menu is limited, but by the end of the summer, it will be fully open and ready to serve everything they are known for.

Grown bring something different and much needed to the world of fast food. It's not only a healthy choice, but an organic choice perfect for those on the go looking to eat healthy. You don't have to compromise anymore when you visit Grown.

About Grown

Started by Ray Allen and his wife Shannon, Grown was originally designed as a concept for moms on the go. Shannon came up with the idea on her television show called Pre-Game Meal. She had been preparing pre-game meals for her husband for 18 years before she took this concept to the public. The healthy means she prepared helped to eventually launch this restaurant.

The mission of the restaurant is to provide real food that is cooked slowly for people in a hurry. The menu is 100% organic and focuses on farm-to-fork cuisine rich in nutrients. They use a large network of farms with organic, sustainable and local ingredients without GMOs, hormones, processed sugar or preservatives. The restaurant takes care of guest by avoiding cross contamination and everything has the ability to become a vegan or vegetarian dish, when requested.

The Menu

The menu for Grown kicks off with a half-dozen choices for smoothies all made with the best fruit you can find. They also serve cold pressed juice, coffee and tea.

Breakfast is served daily with items such as the Acai Bowl, Egg Ohm-Wich, Two Egg Ohm-Let, Glute-Free Blueberry Pancakes and more. In addition to the breakfast menu, they offer an all-day menu with options ranging from free-range chicken to homemade falafel and so much more. You get to choose the protein you want, the vegetable you want, your grain and your sauce. They also provide a build-your-own-salad option, which allows you to choose what you want, as well.

The menu at grown also includes soups. They have a chicken tortilla, gluten-free vegan minestrone and a seasonal soup of the day. These are all small batch soups made fresh regularly. There's even an Almost Grown menu for those kids under 12 years of age.

Hours and Location

Grown is located in Miami at 8211 South Dixie Highway and the Miami location is open from 9am to 9pm daily. The Lake Nona location will be found in the Lake Nona Landing Shopping Center inside the Walmart. The address is 11930 Narcoossee Road in Orlando. This location is expected to keep the same hours as the Miami location

Grown provides the Lake Non area with the first true organic, affordable and delicious fast food restaurant. It's a convenient way to eat healthy and local with many great local farms and suppliers providing the ingredients for every single dish.

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June 20, 2017

Lake Nona May Get an Amazon Warehouse Soon

Amazon WarehouseA large Amazon Warehouse may be coming to Boggy Creek Road, found south of the Orlando International Airport. This is where developers have been making plans and emails have been traded between Seefried Industrial Properties (the developer for the Amazon Warehouse) and Orange County officials. The goal is to create a multi-story distribution center using vertical space and robotic storage systems. This type of design makes retrieving products very easy and will be similar to the centers found in Lakeland and Ruskin. More are on the way throughout Florida, as well.

Called Project Mojo

The project has been dubbed "Project Mojo" and details are very preliminary right now. However, the prospects of Amazon building this warehouse are good, even though it could take months to get the details ironed out. Truck access is a large part of the deal to ensure expedited delivery throughout Central Florida. It's important for all the access points to be considered for Amazon and actual traffic counts have been asked for by Amazon.

If Amazon does decide to build the new space, it would have a 15-year lease for the facility. It's expected to be very similar to the newly built property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was also built by Seefried Industrial Properties. The space in Tulsa covers 856,000 square feet with multi-story storage making the usable space 2.3 million square feet. The new space in the Lake Nona area may only allow about half of that for storage, however.

Amazon Taking Over Florida

Amazon Warehouse near Lake Nona PlansLast year, Amazon built a one million square food distribution center in Ruskin and is working on another in Jacksonville. The online retailer has also been looking at space in Miami and Plant City. Project Mojo will take up about 130 acres of space and Amazon expects to win more economic incentives with the space.

They have had great success winning these incentives in Florida. In 2013, the company was awarded $1.12 million for creating 375 jobs with salaries of $47,581, on average. This was tied to the Plant City location.

Another incentive was given to Amazon for $1.18 million if it could create 900 full-time jobs with the Colorado fulfillment center found near Denver. The jobs have to pay, on average, $30,297.

Similar incentives are expected to be a part of the deal for the new facility near Lake Nona. It could bring more jobs to the area and could also help boost the local economy. New Amazon facilities have a way of creating hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, which are good for the local economy. The company is growing fast in Florida and this is just one of the facilities coming in the next few years.

While details have yet to be completed, Project Mojo is expected to become a reality in the coming months. The Lake Nona and Airport area may soon see a new fulfillment center from Amazon, which could bring jobs and an economic boost to Central Florida.

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June 5, 2017

Earth Fare Coming to Lake Nona

Earth FareLake Nona will soon be adding a new specialty grocery store called Earth Fare. This has been a long-awaited development and a South Florida retail developer may have finally landed the company. Blackfin Partners is planning to add more retail space to the new shopping center found just to the south of Lake Nona High School.

Plenty of interest has been expressed in the space including a niche grocer. It took a while for the choice to be named, but Earth Fare will be the anchor of the grocery store. A number of specialty grocers, such as The Fresh Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market and Earth Fare are all looking to open up more stores in Florida. Earth Fare has been searching for a space in Orlando for quite some time and looking for about 22,000 square feet and the space offered was just about the right size.

Earth Fare InteriorThe shopping center will also include a Pharmacy and fast-food restaurant, along with other stores. Currently, the plans show a Pet Supermarket and Heartland Dentistry location going in with a few other spaces not filled just yet. The center had been named Shoppes at Tyson Place, but later the name was changed to the Shoppes at Nona Place.

Blackfin Partners asked the city of Orlando to expand their plans from 37,000 square feet to 70,000 square feet before they started construction. This was due to the interest from Earth Fare and other tenants causing the company to believe a larger development was necessary. Earth Fare had been looking at many sites in the Orland area for the past few years before settling on the site at the Shoppes at Nona Place.

What Earth Fare Brings to Lake Nona

As a specialty grocer, Earth Fare has a commitment to providing healthy, sustainable items in their stores. They believe in healthy living and believe their stores should be a healthy environment for all shoppers. The company is highly involved in the community and pays attention to how their actions impact the environment. Some of what can be expected from Earth Fare includes:

  • LED light bulbs to help reduce energy usage
  • Energy-efficient hand dryers instead of paper towels
  • Reflective roofing to help reduce cooling costs
  • Reverse osmosis water to keep produce clean and fresh from the farm to the shelf
  • Strategically placed fans to help reduce cooling and heating costs
  • Reusable placed, utensils and cups used in the Cafe to reduce waste
  • Reclaimed heat used to help heat the hot water in the building
  • Recycling stations found throughout the Cafe for composting and recycling
  • Compostable To-Go containers made from recycled and plant-based materials
  • Skylights throughout to ensure energy reduction and provide natural light

Earth Fare offers plenty of conventional produce with a variety of items found throughout the store. The grocery store offers these products to ensure everybody can get the fruits and vegetables they need. In addition to conventional produce, they also offer a wide variety of organic option. Some of the produce even provides verification of no spray or low spray, along with local options.

While the grocery store doesn't offer GMO-free as their only option, they do have Genetically Modified Organisms in their crosshairs. They work hard to help producers and the government move forward on labeling foods with and without GMOs so that shoppers can make the decision. More than 75% of the products offers by Earth Fare are GMO-free or organic.

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May 25, 2017

A Closer Look at Canvas Restaurant & Market

Canvas Restaurant & Market Lake NonaCanvas Restaurant & Market is a popular spot in Lake Nona offering a bar, group dining, a market and plenty more. Whether you're popping in for a quick lunch on the weekend or you need to get a bit of shopping done, Canvas has what you need.

The market provides the perfect options for grab-and-go meals and even serves breakfasts, salads and sandwiches. Bring the entire family and enjoy a family dinner or just grab some baked goods to go.

To-Go Family Meals from Canvas

You don't have to cook a meal for your family to get good, home-cooked food. Canvas Restaurant & Market provides excellent to-go family meals you can pick up and eat tonight. Canvas uses seasonal ingredients all their meals and the dinner of the week will feed for people. The menu changes each week, so you can try something new with your family each week.

The Canvas Market

You may think that since the market is a part of a restaurant, it's just about groceries, but it's not. Along with food, they carry a variety of items including:

  • Home Decor
  • Barware
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • And More!

When it comes to the food, you'll find plenty of homemade baked goods and so much more in the market.

Group Dining at Canvas

Along with the market and the to-go meals, Canvas offers an excellent option for group dining. It's perfect for rehearsal dinners, corporate meetings, birthdays and plenty of other events. If you need privacy, there are private and semi-private areas available. Work with a wonderful staff to plan the menu for your event ahead of time.

Your event can include brunch, lunch or dinner, along with happy hour or receptions. Custom menus can be created for groups of 10 to 300. Canvas offers many different rooms including the Mosaic Room on the Water, Sapphire Room on the Water, Terrace on the Water, Amber Room on the Water and all the main areas.

The Canvas Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant serves dinner every night of the week and opens early on Sunday at 11am. Dinner starts at 5p each night, but the bar will open at 3pm each day.

The menu includes plenty of appetizers, smaller plates, flatbreads, entrees, salads, sandwiches, desserts and more. Options, such as Calamari Fries, Ponzu Pork Belly, Wagyu Beef Cheek Tamale, Margherita flatbread, Shrimp & Grits, Oak-grilled Cobia and plenty more. There's even a brunch menu for Sundays.

The bar serves up plenty of regular cocktails, along with beer and wine. Cocktails, such as the Spicy Gummy Bear, Silver Lining Martini and The French Quarter are all house options you can try. They also have local beer on tap, along with plenty of options in bottles.

Canvas Hours and Location

The Market is open from 7am to 8pm seven days a week, which includes the grab-and-go options and some to-go food options. The Restaurants is open from 5pm to 10pm, Monday through Thursday, from 5pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday and from 11am to 9pm on Sunday. The bar opens at 3pm daily.

You can enjoy the Canvas Restaurant & Market any day of the week. It's located at 13615 Sachs Avenue in Orlando.

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April 19, 2017

New Organic Produce Service in Lake Nona

Organic has become more than just a buzz word when it comes to food. Lake Nona has many residents embracing the organic food movement. With Jnan Riyad adding home delivery, the entire community will now gain better access to organic food products.

The Little Garden from Heaven isn't just a place to buy organic product, meat sand other produces. Instead, they work with local arms to give customers the best local organic options. The even deliver your order directly to your doorstep.

Jnan Riyad: The Little Garden From Heaven

The company was started about three years ago, but just recently started offering home delivery. Tarik and Charissa, the owners, have been working with local farms for a few years now to ensure customers get the best-quality organic food products possible. They are filling the gap between the small farms and the local markets.


Jnan Riyad carries a number of organic products including meats, raw milk, cheeses and much more. Recently, they added many new products, such as:

  • 100% Organically Raised Grass-Fed Beef - Beef rom Nature's Hand Cattle Co. is now available from Jnan Riyad. The cows are fed non-gmo grasses, which are also pesticide free. They also never eat grain and are never given hormones or antibiotics.
  • Happy Bee Honey - The best-quality local hone in Florida, Happy Bee Honey provides an unfiltered, unpasteurized honey from Central Florida.
  • Eggs - Free-range, fresh, hormone and antibiotic free eggs are available with a six-week shelf life.
  • Organic Produce - Many seasonal items are also available from local farms in Central Florida.

Home Delivery

If you prefer home delivery, you can have organic items delivered directly to your door. Jnan Riyad has a schedule for deliveries, which includes Lake Nona on Thursdays. Other areas in Central Florida receive deliveries, as follows:

  • Thursdays - Davenport, St. Cloud, Hunters Creek, Downtown Orlando, Conway area, Kissimmee, Lake Nona and the Airport area
  • Fridays - UCF, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Mount Dora, Apopka, Sanford, North Orlando, Oviedo and Eustis
  • Mondays - Clermont, Windermere, Metro West, Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden and Groveland

Other areas and days may be added, as necessary. Every order of $50 or more will receive free delivery. Orders under $50 will be charged a $5 delivery fee.

Weekly Bundles

If you want to make things simple, you can have a weekly bundle delivered for $50. Two bundles are available: the Meet, Egg and Organic Veggie Bundle and the Organic Fruit and Veggie Bundle Only. Of course, you can always choose your own items for home delivery from their website.

At the Farmer's Market

Along with home delivery, Jnan Ryad: The Little Garden from Heaven can be found at many local farmers’ markets. Currently, they are at the following farmer's markets:

  • Windermere Farmers Market - Fridays from 9am to 2pm
  • Cagan's Crossing Farmers Market - Fridays from 4pm to 8pm
  • Third Friday Village Walk Lake Nona - Third Friday of the month from 5pm to 8pm
  • Veranda Park Farmers Market - Saturdays from 9am to 2pm
  • Winter Garden Farmers Market - Saturdays from 9am to 2pm
  • Sweetwater Wekiva Farmers Market - Sundays from 9am to 2pm
  • Market Monday at the Lake Nona YMCA - Mondays from 4:30pm to 8:30pm

Find out more about this service at The Little Garden from Heaven.

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April 5, 2017

New Retail Stores & Restaurants at Lake Nona Landing

A total of 625,369 square feet will make up the newest shopping center found in Lake Nona. This new shopping center will be called Lake Nona Landing. Soon, new retailers and restaurants will take over this square footage adding even more choices to the Lake Nona Area.

New Stores Added to the Shopping Center

The majority of the shopping center will include many shops. The center will be anchored by a Lowe's Home Improvement Store, which will cover 158,000 square feet. This will add to the other anchor stores, which include:

  • Sam's Club
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • TJ Maxx

The TJ Maxx is another new store announced and will cover 20,000 square feet. The new Walmart Supercenter and Sam's Club have already opened, along with a few other shops and restaurants in the area. This was the first Walmart in the area to open and both Walmart and Sam's Club represent store-of-the0futre designs including pick-up services, interactive product tables, a sushi bar and mobile scan and go check out. The anchor stores will take up the largest amount of space within the shopping center. However, many other stores are already open or will be added to the Lake Nona Landing shopping center including:

  • Mattress One
  • Anthony Jewelers
  • UPS
  • GNC
  • AT&T
  • Lee Nails & Spa
  • Sports Clips

These stores are all a part of this new shopping center bringing many new options to the Lake Nona neighborhood.

Restaurants Coming to Lake Nona Landing

Along with the retail options, Lake Nona Landing will include plenty of new restaurants. Most recently, Rubio's Coastal Grill and Firehouse Subs have been added to the plans. These are two of the many restaurants coming to the shopping center. Other restaurants include:

  • Chili's
  • PDQ
  • Pollo Tropical
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Starbucks
  • Jersey Mike's
  • Tropical Cafe

Other restaurants are also expected to be a part of the shopping center.

Other Things to Know About Lake Nona Landing

  • About 86% of the 625,369-square-foot shopping center has been leased. This does leave room for a few more stores or restaurants to move in.
  • The shopping center opened in January of 2017 and has been filling up ever since.
  • The Walmart features the first organic restaurants option for the company. The restaurant is called Grown and it was started by Ray Allen (two-time NBA Champion) and his wife.
  • After full development, the shopping center will cover about 53 acres of land in Lake Nona.
  • Lake Nona Landing is located along the Narcoossee Corridor, which serves the most popular communities in Lake Nona.
  • The shopping center also features an ABC liquor store and RaceTrac convenience store and gas station.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement store within the shopping center will feature a garden center and indoor lumber yard.

Lake Nona Landing represents just one of the many developments throughout the Lake Nona area. It has already brought the first Walmart and Sam's Club to the area. Residents will now have even more shopping and dining options right in their backyard.

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Feb. 10, 2016

Neighborhood Spotlight: Laureate Park

Laureate ParkLaureate Park is one of the top master-planned communities in Orlando and it’s a great area to look at for your next home. Not only is it a top seller, but homes here are affordable starting at the lower $200’s. It’s located on 7,000 acres of beautiful landscaping and natural greenspace.

You’ll love living near wonderful schooling opportunities, tons of dining and shopping, and business centers. Your neighborhood will feature resort-style amenities like an Aquatic Center and a fitness facility. This neighborhood tends to be perfect for the healthcare professional, flight attendant, and more as it’s located at Lake Nona’s Medical City and really close to Orlando International Airport.

Whether you are looking for a shorter commute to work, you want to live somewhere where nature and recreation are abundant, or you love the idea of lavish amenities and affordable homes, check out the Laureate Park neighborhood in Orlando for your next home.

About Laureate Park

The neighborhood is located at Lake Nona’s Medical City close to the Orlando International Airport making it the ideal neighborhood for healthcare professionals and researchers, pilots, and flight attendants. You can find it on Tavistock Lakes Boulevard in Orlando’s Lake Nona featuring single family homes starting in the $300’s and courtyard homes starting in the $200’s. You’ll love the contemporary homes offering modern amenities in a beautiful neighborhood.

Why Laureate Park?

Why Laureate Park over anywhere else? The neighborhood offers a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. You’ll enjoy a quick commute throughout the week and then return home where you can enjoy recreation and luxury amenities. This award-winning master-planned community has over 2,800 acres of green space, over 1,000 acres of scenic waterways, and 44 miles of trails.

Enjoy your weekends going fishing or boating, hiking or biking trails, and swimming at the amazing Aquatic Center for residents of all ages. The Aquatic Center is home to numerous swimming pools like the zero-entry family pool, the two large pools, the adult “Quiet Pool” with cabanas, and the free form pools. Play sand volleyball while you’re there or head over to the lakeside restaurant or fitness center.

Even if you don’t work at the airport, you’ll love having the ability to quickly fly to locations around the world. Enjoy a great location in Orlando in one of the most desirable areas and send your kids to award-winning schools from preschool to post graduate opportunities. Go shopping and dining nearby and enjoy a sense of community while in your new home. Most of the homes offer amenities including:

  • Amazing outdoor living spaces
  • Designer kitchens
  • Second floor retreats above the garage with bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom for renting out or visiting family
  • Luxurious bathrooms
  • Large living areas

Spend your free time with your family enjoying all of the wonderful amenities offered at the neighborhood and you’re likely to be surrounded with neighbors working in a similar field as you making the community an even closer tight-knit community. You’ll love lounging in private cabanas while you catch up with your neighbor’s lives and sending the kids to the volleyball court.

If you’re ready for a neighborhood that offers you more than just a house to call home, check out what your life could be like in Laureate Park. You’ll enjoy luxury amenities within your home and your neighborhood, a great location in Orlando, and affordable homes all within the area of parks and nature trails.

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Feb. 10, 2016

Neighborhood Spotlight: Lake Whippoorwill – Hart

lake whippoorwill-hartThe Lake Whippoorwill-Hart Community is a neighborhood in Lake Nona, a popular area of Orlando that many residents are choosing for their next home. It’s filled with large lots, single-family homes, and that perfect old Florida feel between the palm trees and majestic Oaks. Home prices vary due to different ages, sizes, and styles, but the variety offers families diverse options for their next home.

The area is unique for focusing less on amenities such as community pools and parks, and focusing more on the lifestyle being a rural settlement with homes on large lots. If you’re looking for a beautiful home with room to grow and move around, a lakefront property, and an old Florida-style neighborhood, the Lake Whippoorwill-Hart community would be perfect for you. Take a look at why many are choosing this area for their next home.

About the Area

The community of Lake Whippoorwill-Hart is full of residential homes on large lots, typically single-family homes, and many of the homes have stables for horses. The flourishing community offers many waterfront homes and residents love the lush vegetation throughout. You’ll see tropical palm trees and majestic Oaks with low hanging moss.

The community can be found between Lake Whippoorwill and Lake Hart with homes situated on and just off of Tyson Road, connecting to Narcoossee Road in Lake Nona, and Kirby Smith Road. In addition, homes can be found between the back of the Eagle Creek Community and Lake Hart making up the southern portion of the development.

What to Expect Living Here

You won’t find this being a highly social community with a central park and community pool. Instead, you’ll find peace and quiet, nature, and that old Florida feel many desire. This quiet area tucked in a quaint corner of Orlando offers relaxation, peace and quiet, and yet great proximity to conveniences.

Home buyers seek this area for the zoning ordinances allowing stables and horses, a rare find in Lake Nona, and the waterfront properties make it even better. Expect a quiet ambiance and a remote destination just a quick drive away from entertainment, shopping, dining, and major highways leading to Downtown Orlando.

The neighborhood is in the southeastern part of Orlando as a suburb of Lake Hart. There were about 540 people living here as of five years ago and this secluded neighborhood continues to expand being the best of both world: a secluded community focused on nature but a short drive from entertainment and downtown fun.

You’ll love hitting the bike trails, checking out nearby parks, and spending weekends in Lake Nona for dinner at Durian Durian, grabbing dessert at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, and enjoying the outdoor patio at the Nona Blue Moon Tavern.

The Homes

Home here vary in sizes and styles, offering a variety of prizes and years of when they were built. Many homes are available for resale but in some cases, you can find land subdivided by an owner in which you can build on a vacant lot. For most, it’s great for those that want to buy one of the beautiful houses and make it a home rather than starting from scratch on a piece of land.

You’ll find homes as high as the $3 million mark, offering features such as several gated acres, lakefront views, and several bedrooms and baths. These luxury homes offer amenities such as mother-in-law wings, private boat docks with a lift, and European designs. Indoor-and-outdoor living is perfect in these Florida homes featuring covered lanais on multiple floors, amazing views, functionality, and designs for entertaining. Many have pools with raised spas, fire pits, summer kitchens, and your dock for skiing and water activities.

If you want to live in a beautiful part of Orlando that offers you a peaceful lifestyle while being accessible to all of the conveniences of suburban living, check out the Lake Whippoorwill-Hart area of Lake Nona for a dreamy retreat.

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Feb. 10, 2016

Neighborhood Spotlight: Isle of Pines

Isle of PinesThe Isle of Pines is beautiful neighborhood option located in the Southeastern part of Orlando, Florida. This unique community offers a mixture of residential lifestyle mixed with natural environment full of lakes and park life. Residents not only enjoy the beautiful surroundings, but also incredible home options, a family-friendly community in which social activities bring everyone together, and amenities to spend quality time with loved ones every day. Real estate varies from homes built in the 60’s all the way to present day with a variety of sizes and styles. This neighborhood not only takes you away from the cookie-cutter feel you need a break from, but it also is located in a fantastic location in the city near parks, entertainment, shopping, and the airport. Take a look at why many are calling Isle of Pines their next home.

About the Isle of Pines Community

Isle of Pines one of southeast Orlando’s favorite places to live, being just minutes from popular attractions and conveniences. Residents living in Isle of Pines enjoy being surrounded by Moss Park, Lake Hart, Lake Mary Jane, and of course the Isle of Pines Preserve. Shopping and dining are nearby in Moss Park and Lake Nona, as well as championship golf courses, major highways, the Orlando International Airport, and the Medical Center. You’ll also be able to enroll the kids in wonderful schools zoned for this area, including Moss Park Elementary, Lake Nona Middle, and Lake Nona High School.

Amenities for Isle of Pines

One of the perks of living in Isle of Pines is access to the homeowners association which is conveniently non-mandatory. Don’t feel pressured to join the HOA but for only $125 annually, you can take part in wonderful social events and amenities. You’ll have access to the community lake front park which features basketball courts, grills, a pavilion, a playground, and the private beach with a boat ramp and huge fishing dock. It’s hard to beat a day on the water at Lake Mary Jane and community events like the Independence Day Parade & Party, the Crawfish/Oyster Fests, and other great holiday celebrations throughout the year. One of the big draws to the area is the gorgeous Isle of Pine Preserve open from sunrise to sunset. It’s located off of Lake Mary Jane Road where many go to hike the trails, see unique habitats, and even go horseback riding. It’s a great place to take a picnic, check out beautiful wildflowers in the summer, and bird-watch. It’s easy to access since it’s at the south end of the neighborhood and there are two trail options to check out this 550-acre experience. Enjoy views of the lake while the sun rises or sets daily at this excellent attraction.

The Homes in Isle of Pines

The homes are unique in Isle of Pines due to the variety of ages and styles. The homes range from being built in 1967 all the way to 2013, giving some older features and some modern designs. The homes are approximately 1,000-5,000 square feet with some offering lakefront opportunities. Choose from homes as low as $200k or more in the $700k range. The biggest draw to Isle of Pines is the chain of lakes, rural style of living, and the unique community. If this sounds like something your family would love, this close-knit community may be the perfect choice for you.

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