UCF Medical School in Lake NonaA landmark, an employment center, and a premier location for medical care, Medical City in Lake Nona provides one of the best choices for those working in the medical field or seeking medical care. Lake Nona has grown into one of the top communities in the country and it's partially due to the cluster of health care and life science facilities known as Medical City.

The Facilities

Medical City is made up of six main facilities including:

  • Guidewell Innovation Center
  • Nemours Children's Hospital
  • UCF Lake Nona Cancer Center
  • UCF Health Sciences Campus
  • UF Research & Academic Center
  • VA Medical Center

The development of Medical City began in 2005 when the Tavistock Group provided 50 acres of space and $12.5 million in donations to the University of Central Florida for their medical school.

The Florida Board of Governors approved the proposal from UCF to build a medical college in Lake Nona a year later and it opened to students in the fall of 2009. Another 25 acres of space was purchased by UCF in 2012 to construct a teaching hospital.

The development of Medical City isn't fully completed, yet it has already had a massive economic impact on Lake Nona and surrounding areas. Experts estimate the fully developed Medical City will offer up to 30,000 total jobs and provide a $7.6 billion impact on the economy over the next decade.

While the UCF facilities are a huge part of Medical City in Lake Nona, the entire complex covers about 650 total acres. It's a carefully planned cluster of facilities based on the proven theory of offering both bioscience and healthcare facilities near each other creates accelerated innovation.

Lake Nona's Medical City is expected to become the home for top hospitals in the country, along with research institutions, life science companies, and universities.

UCF College of Medicine

As a part of the second-largest university in the country, the UCF College of Medicine includes the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, a medical library, and other UCF health sciences programs. About 200 medical students are enrolled in the medical school every year.

Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

An esteemed research center offering graduate and undergraduate programs in bio-med, the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences is a research-intensive medical school. It's known for cutting-edge medical research.

UCF Lake Nona Cancer Center

Beginning as the MD Anderson Orlando Cancer Research Institute, the facilities were relocated to Lake Nona and opened in 2009. With the relocation, MD Anderson had the ability to partner with UCF on research projects and allow some of the Center's doctors to serve as faculty members for UCF. The facility was eventually taken over by UCF entirely and renamed the UCF Lake Nona Cancer Center.

Nemours Children's Hospital

A 60-acre pediatric health campus, the Nemours Children's Hospital offers one of the top options for children’s care in the area. The hospital features an emergency care department, ambulatory programs, education centers, a clinic, and research programs.

Orlando VA Medical Center

A 1.2 million square foot facility offering some of the best Veteran care in the country, the Orlando VA Medical Center serves about 400,000 Central Florida Veterans. It was the first VA hospital constructed in the U.S. since 1995.

With so many facilities clustered in one area known as Medical City, more research, innovation, and collaboration are possible. The Lake Nona Medical City is expected to become one of the leading choices for medical research, health care, and life sciences.