Lake Nona EventsLake Nona has all types of events held throughout the year. However, some of the ongoing events provide great social options, but may not usually make it onto your list. Here's a look at some of the ongoing events you may not be familiar with.

Lake Nona Nights: Live + Social

Held at Crescent Park in the Laureate Park neighborhood, this event happens every Thursday. The Live + Social event offers live music, a local market and plenty of social interaction. It's a regular event you can enjoy from 6pm to 8pm every single week.

Lake Nona Nights: The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar

On the second Tuesday of every month from 5pm to 8pm, the food trucks of the area will take over the Lake Nona Town Center. You'll get to sample food and enjoy plenty of great choices. This is a regular event held every month in Lake Nona for all to enjoy. Some of the food trucks you might encounter here include:

    • Sweet City Gelato
    • Monster Lobsta
    • It's All Greek to Me
    • French Fry Junction
    • Hard Rock Orlando
    • Philly's Best

Yoga Nona in Lakehouse

Held on Saturdays starting on September 3rd, Yoga Nona in Lakehouse will be held. This class is great for beginners and great for those looking to get started with Yoga. It's an hour long and usually it's held outside, but during rainy season, it's often held in the Lakehouse.

Tai Chi in Lakehouse

Another event that is often moved into the Lakehouse during rainy times is the Tai Chi class. This is for residents of Lake Nona to enjoy on Sundays and provides a great choice. It's open to the public and perfect for beginners to try.

Lake Nona Concert Series

Another regular event held in Lake Nona is the concert series. This concert series often features the Baroque Chamber Orchestra and it's held at Crescent Park.

Ride 4 Ronald

An event held every fall, the Ride 4 Ronald event will be on October 15th this year. It will be held at the Lake Nona Town Center and it cost $50 per rider. It's a part of the CAAM Tour Series and includes riding anywhere from 10 to 60 miles depending on your choice. Hundreds of riders will get together to help benefits the families served by the organization. This will be the eight annual holding of the event.

Crescent Cinema

Another regular event held in Lake Nona includes a movie on the lawn. It's a monthly movie night with all types of different films on the big screen. You can enjoy sitting in your own comfortable chair, bring the kids and take in the movie with friends.

Along with these regular events, Lake Nona is home to some great holiday events and so much more. If you're looking for something to get involved in on a weekly or monthly basis, however, these events are a great choice. The Ride 4 Ronald is the only one not held multiple times throughout the year, but it's also one of the top events for charity in the area.