Lake Nona Water ParkAn area of Central Florida that just keeps on expanding, Lake Nona will soon get a new Water Sports Park. This isn't some type of typical water park, but instead, it's an adventure park filled with incredible fun and something the region has yet to truly see.

The park will be called the Nona Adventure Park and will feature a solar-powered watersports cable system, an inflatable aqua park and a 60-foot tall climbing tower. The announcement came in November and the new park is expected to be open by the summer of 2018.

The Solar-Powered Watersports Cable System

The Park will feature the first solar-powered water ski and wakeboard cable system in the entire world. It's called the Rixen cable system and will provide two tracks around the lake. The main track will be a full-size option that runs a total of 2,500 feet and will allow for speed up to 36 miles per hour. It will be able to handle ten riders at once with many wakeboard features for both beginners and advanced riders.

The second track will be a two-tower cable system running just 320 feet long. It will cater to beginner and intermediate riders with a floating dock encircling the lake making it easy for riders to get a back to the starting dock regardless of where they may fall.

The Inflatable Aqua Park

Lake Nona Waterpark MapAnother very cool feature of the Nona Adventure Park will be the Inflatable Aqua Park. This park will be a large-scale, customized, open water Wibit aqua park with interconnected inflatables. IT will provide plenty of obstacles for people to enjoy and for hours of great fun. The park will feature climbing obstacles, trampolines, slides, floating pathways and more.

The design is inspired by LEGO with interlocking units from Wibit allowing for endless paths and all kinds of fun.

The Climbing Tower

In addition to the cable system and the inflatable aqua park, the Climbing Tower offers another great attraction coming to Lake Nona's new water park. This climbing tower will offer a 60-foot KristallTurm climbing system with many different elements. It will include ropes, three 50-foot climbing walls, two 60-foot climbing ropes and more. There will even be a kids' ropes course.

More than Just Fun at a Waterpark

Along with opening to the public throughout the year, the Nona Adventure Park is expected to host competitions, team building events and other special events. Access to the different amenities of the park will be handled on an individual basis through the WakeSys control system. This will allow guests to be given an RFID wristband to give them access to the amenities.

The Nona Adventure Park will be located on Adventure Lake, which is found near Laureate City Park in the Laureate Park neighborhood of Lake Nona. It will be interconnected with the 44 miles of trails and those walking, biking or skating to the water park will be given a discount.

There are all kinds of new things coming to Lake Nona soon, but the Nona Adventure Park may be the most exciting yet.