Amazon WarehouseA large Amazon Warehouse may be coming to Boggy Creek Road, found south of the Orlando International Airport. This is where developers have been making plans and emails have been traded between Seefried Industrial Properties (the developer for the Amazon Warehouse) and Orange County officials. The goal is to create a multi-story distribution center using vertical space and robotic storage systems. This type of design makes retrieving products very easy and will be similar to the centers found in Lakeland and Ruskin. More are on the way throughout Florida, as well.

Called Project Mojo

The project has been dubbed "Project Mojo" and details are very preliminary right now. However, the prospects of Amazon building this warehouse are good, even though it could take months to get the details ironed out. Truck access is a large part of the deal to ensure expedited delivery throughout Central Florida. It's important for all the access points to be considered for Amazon and actual traffic counts have been asked for by Amazon.

If Amazon does decide to build the new space, it would have a 15-year lease for the facility. It's expected to be very similar to the newly built property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was also built by Seefried Industrial Properties. The space in Tulsa covers 856,000 square feet with multi-story storage making the usable space 2.3 million square feet. The new space in the Lake Nona area may only allow about half of that for storage, however.

Amazon Taking Over Florida

Amazon Warehouse near Lake Nona PlansLast year, Amazon built a one million square food distribution center in Ruskin and is working on another in Jacksonville. The online retailer has also been looking at space in Miami and Plant City. Project Mojo will take up about 130 acres of space and Amazon expects to win more economic incentives with the space.

They have had great success winning these incentives in Florida. In 2013, the company was awarded $1.12 million for creating 375 jobs with salaries of $47,581, on average. This was tied to the Plant City location.

Another incentive was given to Amazon for $1.18 million if it could create 900 full-time jobs with the Colorado fulfillment center found near Denver. The jobs have to pay, on average, $30,297.

Similar incentives are expected to be a part of the deal for the new facility near Lake Nona. It could bring more jobs to the area and could also help boost the local economy. New Amazon facilities have a way of creating hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, which are good for the local economy. The company is growing fast in Florida and this is just one of the facilities coming in the next few years.

While details have yet to be completed, Project Mojo is expected to become a reality in the coming months. The Lake Nona and Airport area may soon see a new fulfillment center from Amazon, which could bring jobs and an economic boost to Central Florida.