Oviedo, Florida

Oviedo FloridaOviedo is known as one of the best small cities in America, according to a list released by the financial website WalletHub. The city ranked in the 91st percentile out of 1,286 small cities with a population of at least 25,000, but less than 100,000. This ranking was determined by many key indicators including economic healthy, quality of life, education and affordability.

Found in Seminole County, Oviedo provides a home for more than 34,000 residents. It's located close enough to Orlando for residents to enjoy the many attractions of the larger city, but far enough away to provide a smaller town vibe.

Oviedo Real Estate

The city is most-known for the many historic homes and buildings found throughout. It has been rural for the majority of its existence, but over the past decade, the city has grown rapidly with new developments. This is due mainly to the proximity to the Central Florida Research Park and the University of Central Florida.

Neighborhoods found throughout Oviedo include many older, well-established choices, along with some new construction. Dozens of great neighborhoods are found throughout featuring condos, estate homes and single family options. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include:

  • Chapman Estates
  • Florida Groves
  • Allendale
  • Bear Creek
  • Estates on Lake Mills
  • The Sanctuary

As of Fall of 2016, homes found within The Sanctuary are priced at between $225K and $500K, which is pretty common for a newer neighborhood in Oviedo.

Historic Downtown

Oviedo is not only known for the historic buildings and the chickens running through the streets, but also for the very historic downtown. Many of the buildings in this area were constructed during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The National Register of Historic Places includes:

  • The Nelson and Company Historic District
  • First Methodist Church of Oviedo
  • R.W. Estes Celery Company Precooler Historic District
  • And Many Homes

Along with the historic districts and buildings, the downtown area is known for the Oviedo Mall, which features beautiful murals of the historic areas throughout.

Oviedo Attractions

There are several attractions found throughout Oviedo and it's close enough to Orlando for residents to enjoy the many attractions within the larger city, as well. The Black Hammock Adventures provides airboat rides, while the Lukas Butterfly Encounter is another fun attraction in Oviedo. The city is also home to the Oviedo Bowling Center, which features the Pinball Lounge with the largest number of pinball machines in Florida.

The Oviedo Lights provides a roadside attraction many enjoy, while The Rising is an annual event held every October within the city. The Oviedo Chickens are also considered one of the attractions. These chickens roam through the downtown area and have becomes a part of the city.

Living in Oviedo

Not only do residents of Oviedo enjoy a location close to Orlando and many local attractions, but they also enjoy some of the top schools in the area. A new downtown development was started in 2015 with a new town center, new townhouses, apartments, retail and restaurants comping to the city, as well.

Many other new developments have started to capture the attention of new residents. This may be why Oviedo has been listed as one of the Top 10 Towns for Families by Family Circle, one of the Best Places to Raise Kits in Florida by Businessweek and as one of the Best Places to Live by CNN Money Magazine.

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