Minneola, Florida

Living in Minneola

Minneola FloridaFound in Lake County, Minneola is a city with a population around 10,000 residents. It's considered a part of the Orlando and provides a number of lakes throughout the area. In fact, the word "Minneola" means "many water" for the Dakota Indians.

History of Minneola

The first settler to the area was Captain William G. Smith after the Civil War. The region was so beautiful many started to come to the area and it grew steadily. In 1881, Henry Wilson arrived to the area and planted a grove, which became a very famous mainstay for the area. Steady growth was experienced throughout the early 1900s and many winter tourists came to the area.

From about 1926 through the 1990's, growth was very slow throughout the area, but started to pick up a little bit in the past decade or so. The current emphasis is on growing the area with large expansion areas in the works.

The Major Appeal of Minneola

The mild winters of Central Florida and the location of Minneola make it rather desirable. It's found near Highway 27, which provides the major corridor. The community is also very convenient to many bordering cities. Orlando is also very convenient with many huge attractions and the Orlando International Airport found just a short distance away.

Lake Minneola adds to the appeal of the area. It provides plenty of great options for water activities, sandy beaches, trails and so much more. Whether you want to be on the water with a kayak or you prefer to lie on the beach, you have options at Lake Minneola.

Other Recreation in Minneola

Outside of Lake Minneola, the area also provides two parks and a gymnasium for recreation. The East Chester Street Park provides plenty of opportunities for recreation, along with a Community Garden starting every spring. Minneola Trail-head Park provides a 17-acre park with plenty to offer. It has a dog park, ball field, playground, basketball court and pavilion.

Minneola is also home to a gymnasium. The gym covers about 4,000 square feet and provides a place for parties, meetings and more. It's one of the top spots for social events within the community.

Small Town Living, Big City Amenities

The town of Minneola is close enough to Orlando to give residents access to many of the big city amenities. However, those looking for a home in Minneola will enjoy the small town environment found outside the big city. It's only miles from Orlando and provides a peaceful lifestyle with plenty of value found in the home within the community.

Minneola attracts a variety of home buyers due to the small town atmosphere, too. Retirees come here for the peace, while families come here to raise their children. The quiet town also inspires entrepreneurs and there are plenty of different types of home buyers coming to this area.

Living in Minneola

If you're looking to move to the Orlando area and you want be outside the big city, but close enough to enjoy Orlando, Minneola might be perfect for you. It's a smaller community offering a great location and some good recreation of its own. The lakes make it very desirable, along with the surrounding area.

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