Where is Meadow Woods

Where Is SignThe greater Meadow Woods area is made up of several neighborhoods and is located just about in the 6 o'clock position if you imagine the Orlando area as a clock. It is located at the bottom of Orange County and borders Osceola County. All of Meadow Woods is in the 32824 zip code but the actual Meadow Woods area only includes a portion of that zip code. For purposes of listing homes and services on this size, we are calling the entire 32824 zip code the Meadow Woods area and its borders are the Beach Line Expressway to its North, The Orlando International Airport and Boggy Creek Road to its East, the Osceola County line to its South and the Florida turnpike to its West. The 417 Expressway runs directly East and West through the heart of Meadow Woods and its access makes it convenient to all points in the Orlando area including the attractions area, downtown Orlando and both the East and West coast beaches.  View a Google Map of Meadow Woods.

Distance Wise - Meadow Woods is Approximately

  7 Miles from the Orange County Convention Center
 10 Miles from Orlando International Airport
 12 Miles from Walt Disney World
 13 Miles from Downtown Orlando
 14 Miles from Universal Studios Florida
 55 Miles from the Cocoa Beach Pier
 79 Miles from Tampa
 102 Miles from St. Pete Beach
 222 Miles from Miami
 1,101 Miles from New York City
 2,514 Miles from Los Angeles