Geneva, Florida

Living in Geneva

Geneva FloridaThe Geneva neighborhood is a Central Florida gem that may be a great new home for your family. With a history dating back to the 1700’s, the area still features an old schoolhouse to commemorate its beginnings when local residents would hold school in their homes. The neighborhood is located over on Route 46, located between Lake Jesup and Lake Harney, where around 3,000 residents call it home.

Along with the former schoolhouse, the area contains Geneva Elementary, over 1,000 households, and excellent amenities like the Ole General Store, and the Geneva Farmer’s Market. This is a great community for those moving to the area looking for a place to raise their family, live close to the office, or experience an affordable part of Central Florida while being close to some of the best attractions in the area. Take a closer look at life in Geneva, Florida.

About Geneva and a look at its History

Geneva, Florida is located in central Florida as a part of Seminole County and the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical area. The community consists of 12.4 square miles of land and water, about 3,000 residents, and the Little-Big Econ State Forest where the big and little Econlockhatchee Rivers are found. You can find it located between Lake Harney and Lake Jesup on Route 46, with the zip code 32732, and within the Eastern time zone.

The area dates back to its first documented history in 1765 with John and William Bartram documented Geneva. There were other documentations in the 1800s, including anthropologist Daniel Britton’s in 1850 and scientists from Harvard University in 1875.

The community is actually home to a unique piece of history; a cemetery used to bury 17 US Civil War soldiers. The Geneva Cemetery contains these 17, 15 of which were in the confederacy and 2 from the union. This cemetery is on a piece of land here which was donated by Prograr Debogory, the head of Russian families that had settled in the area back in the 1800’s.

Along with the cemetery, Geneva has the remains of the first educational experiences that took place here. Schooling used to happen in homes of residents and the first formal school had been built in 1874 on land donated by Debogory.

While a new school was built in 1903 to replace the original schoolhouse, the school eventually expanded to have 4 rooms for more students 20 years later. It was another 17 years later in which the principal started the 4-H program here that would help students learn farming and economics and this program is recognized today in the “History of the Seminole County Public Schools.”

The old brick schoolhouse was eventually built around in the 1980’s but the old schoolhouse was preserved for the community to enjoy as a family resource center and later a rural heritage center.

Living in Geneva

Geneva today looks like a modern Florida neighborhood, featuring around 3,000 people and over 1,000 households. You’ll find over 1/4th of households containing children under 18, with over half of households featuring married couples. The average household size is 2.84, as of the 2010 census, and the median income for households here is around $29k.

Students will be able to access Geneva Elementary for school and free time will be spent enjoying things like the local state forest, the Geneva’s Farmers Market, and taking airboat tours through central Florida. You’ll have easy access to the Ole General Store at 320 Avenue Court where you’ll get to learn the history of the timber industry of Central Florida.

Take the family on an airboat tour with Captain Bruce to explore the natural wildlife and beauty of the area, with gator sightings at the St. John’s River and incredibly birds on little islands. The Geneva Farmer’s Market can be found at the corner of CR 426 and SR 46 in Geneva taking place every Friday afternoon for you to stock up on things like local raw honey, fresh ground grain bread, organic produce, and homemade jams. Of course on beautiful days you’ll want to get a canoe or bring your fishing gear for a visit to the Econlockhatchee River.

When it comes to affordable living in central Florida, Geneva is a great place to live. You’ll love the simple life in Geneva.

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