Davenport, Florida

Davenport Florida The City of Davenport is a small and quaint community in Florida’s Polk County. This wonderful part of central Florida contains a modest population of around 3,000 residents that take advantage of living conveniently near the Interstate 4 and US 27. The area is starting to boom with the area north of the city growing and others catching on that this area is a great place to live for many reasons.

The location is great for those who work in the area and can easily commute on the interstate while easily accessing nearby state attractions. The city is part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan area, just on the outskirts of the Orlando metro area and dates back to when it was first incorporated in 1915. If you’re looking for your next neighborhood in this area of Florida, take a look at what life may be like living in a neighborhood in Davenport.

History of Davenport

Fort DavenportDavenport dates back to the 1800’s when it was known as the first white settlement during the Second Seminole War. The military set up Fort Davenport here in 1838 just 12 miles north of the current location of Davenport. This fort was one of many that were built every 20 miles along the trail that starts at Fort Brooke to Fort Mellon. While the fort only lasted a few years, it left an impact being named Colonel William Davenport after the local US commander in the war.

Once 1880 hit, the city of Davenport really started with the South Florida Railroad extending here. It wasn’t called Davenport yet but it was actually called Horse Creek after the first one flowing past the site into Snell Creek, eventually into the Kissimmee River system. When a post office was built in 1884, it was named Horse Creek but changed to the name of Davenport just two years later. The city was then incorporated in 1915 making this neighborhood just over 100 years old. While the South Florida Railroad eventually got replaced by a new station downtown, that was closed in the 70s along with the second station that only lasted until 1986 and used for transporting fertilizer.

Who Lives in Davenport?

Davenport FloridaDavenport today features about 3,000 people, an increase from the 2000 census of 1,924 people. There were about 708 households back then and 536 families residing here, but that has grown in the 16 years since.

The population is pretty spread out with all age groups being close to equal on population, approximately 20% of the population being those under the age of 18, those from 18-24, those from 25-44, those from 45-64, and those 65 and older. The median age is about 46 with slightly more females than males living here. Median income in this area is just under $30k or $41k per family.

What it’s like to live in Davenport

Old Circus World Amusement Park in Davenport FloridaYou may have heard about the Circus World amusement park formerly being located here in northeast Polk County. This was the major attraction that helped the local economy and it was actually changed into a Boardwalk and Baseball park in the 80s where the Kansas City Royals used to play. While the park is no longer there, the area around the former Baseball City stadium is now Posner Park, a large outdoor shopping center that it was redeveloped into.

Theater at Posner Park in Davenport FloridaLiving in Davenport comes with the subtropics climate which means high temps in the summer in the 90’s with the winters falling to about 50 degrees. Just like other parts of Florida, this city sees really hot summers and mild winters, although record lows have taken the temp into the teens in the winter and the 100’s in the summertime. The city itself is located in the Central Florida Highlands of the Atlantic coastal plain making the area mostly flat with some sporadic rolling hills.

Del Webb Community in Davenport FloridaThe community likes to keep busy with fun social events to bring everyone together. The upcoming 4th of July Celebration is going to feature a special fireworks spectacular at the Lewis Matthews Sports Complex on Palm Street, along with other fun activities. You’ll find a Christmas Parade to enjoy the holiday lights during the holiday season and a Halloween celebration for trick-or-treaters. You’ll also see different events like art extravaganzas and barbecues.

When you’re searching for a simple and quaint community in Central Florida, the Davenport community may be the perfect place for you.

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