Clermont, Florida

Living in Clermont

Clermont Florida Clermont, Florida is an exciting area to live in the Lake County area just west of Orlando. As of 2013, just over 30,000 people were calling it home. While it’s designed to be a residential area, there is a large focus on the business world and the economy. This makes it a great place to live and work, enjoy easy access to Orlando and Leesburg, and enjoy everything the city offers from an almost-always sunny climate, a rich history, and an excellent growth rate.

Clermont is an affordable place to live, a great place to find work in a variety of fields, a great place to raise a family with everything you need from hospitals to education, recreation to beautiful weather. If you’re looking for your next neighborhood in Central Florida, Clermont may be the answer you were looking for. Take a look at what life is like in Clermont.

Living in Clermont

Citrus Tower in Clermont FloridaThe city of Clermont is located about 22 miles southeast of Leesburg and 22 miles west of Orlando in Lake County, Florida. You’ll find about 31,000 residents here covering an area of 11.5 square miles. With a motto of “Choice of Champions,” Clermont is a filled with families, professionals, and retirees enjoy the residential character and focus on the economy between lodging, food and beverage, and retail industries. The Florida Citrus Tower is the landmark of Clermont and one of the first ones in Florida, which celebrated 50 years back in 2006.

Life in Clermont means that you’ll enjoy living and working between the homes with a median home value of about $228k, jobs in the fields of business, professional occupations, construction, farming, service, production, and much more. Feel secure with the South Lake Hospital being located here and look forward to sending your children to wonderful educational establishments. You’ll find options like Cypress Ridge Elementary, Minneola Elementary, Clermont Middle, East Ridge High, and many more.

The People and the Recreation

Clermont NeighborhoodsHouseholds in Clermont are filled with married couples, individuals, families, and retirees. Households have a median income of just under $40k with that raising to $48k for families. The neighborhoods feature gently sloping hills, a unique feature in the flat state of Florida, and the nickname here is the “gem of the hills.” The city has come a long way since being founded in 1884, being named for the French birthplace of the Clermont Improvement Company’s manager, and finally being incorporated in 1916.

Clermont FloridaThere is so much to enjoy in Clermont, from a visit to the glass-enclosed observation deck 226-feet high at the Citrus Tower built in 1956 to the eco-tours in the giant swamp. Take the family to a day in the citrus groves, visit Revolution: The Off-Road Experience to try off-roading in ATVs and dune buggies, or trying your hand at boating, bass fishing, hiking, and biking. Go golfing at world-class golfing destinations or try a wine tour at the Lakeridge Winery. Of course you can always make the drive to Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios.

Clermont Historic VillageYou’ll also love a visit on the weekends to historic downtown at the Clermont Historic Village, located at the corner of West Avenue and Osceola Street., where you can take tours of the oldest homes in the area. Find out why the city is called the “Choice of Champions” by seeing all of the elite athletes training here for triathlons, track-and-field events, and water sports with the availability of rolling hills, pristine lakes, and a great climate. Try your hand at some exercise by enjoying the 10-mile Clay Loop where you’ll get some exercise, enjoy scenic views, and get away from the daily grind in this traffic-free area. Life in Clermont has something for everyone to enjoy. Check it out for your next place to live and you won’t be disappointed.

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