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Sept. 19, 2017

What Retirees Need to Know Before Buying a Home in Orlando

Retirees in OrlandoBuying a new home comes with plenty of challenges. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a tenth-time buyer, a twenty something or a senior, it has the ability to stress you out and have you scrambling for answers.

As a senior, when you're ready to buy a home in Orlando, there are some things you should know. Here are a few things to be aware of before starting the process.

Are you Downsizing?

If you're downsizing, you will need to start making decisions about the things you own now. If you're going from a large four or five bedroom home to a two-bedroom condo or townhome, you won't have nearly as much space. Some things will simply have to go.

You will need to decide if you want to give things to family, donate them, sell them, store them or keep them. Downsizing has plenty of benefits and it's a good thing to do as you get older and retire. Just be aware that this can be an emotional thing you will go through and it may not be easy.

Financing May Not Be Easy

Hopefully, you own a home and you will not need to worry much about financing. However, this may not be the case and financing may not be so easy if you're retired. Since you won't have a steady stream of income from a job, it can be difficult to get financing through a traditional mortgage.

Even if you don't have a paid off home right now, if the amount you owe is low enough, you may be able to pay cash for your new home. If not, you may be able to put a large amount down making the financing easier. There is also the option of using a reverse mortgage, but this should only be done if you're out of options.

It's best to speak with a lender before you start shopping for your new home. They may be able to help answer questions when it comes to getting financed now that you're retired.

Help will be Necessary

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to accept that we are getting older and need help. However, it's necessary to get help when it comes to packing, moving and even buying your new home. These are things you want to let someone else help you with.

You will likely need to hire a realtor and a moving company. Make sure you do your due diligence and choose a good realtor that has plenty of experience working with retirees. They will likely be able to recommend a good moving company, as well.

As a retiree, it's necessary to take the right steps when buying a new home. Whether you're downsizing or just moving to a new area to enjoy your Golden Years, you need to know what to expect. Start by hiring a good realtor and they will be able to help prepare you for the process of buying your new home in Orlando.

Sept. 19, 2017

Top Healthy Restaurants Found in Orlando, FL

Green Day CafeOrlando is full of all kinds of restaurants from those serving great steaks to those serving something a bit healthier. When you're not looking for a heavy meal full of junk food, you need to know where to go. Whether you practice a vegetarian diet or you just want to eat health, here are some of the top spots in Orland for healthy meals.

Green Day Cafe in North Orlando

This is the place for veggies. They serve up some of the best salads in the area, along with wraps and even gluten-free wraps. It's known as the healthiest fast-food franchise in the country with options for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, carnivores and everybody else.

Green Day Cafe offers gluten-free option on the menu, along with plenty of choices for those not worries about gluten. You can even go through the drive through and take the food home with you.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Winter Park

Ethos Vegan KitchenAnother great choice, especially if you practice a strict vegan diet, Ethos Vegan Kitchen provides great options. They claim to have a 100% vegan menu, which is hard to find anywhere. They have been around since 2007 with plant-based options all over the menu. The space is very modern and provides a great choice in winter Park.

You'll find plenty of lunch and dinner options here with plenty of healthy choices. The food is very tasty, too and they do serve brunch on Sundays.

The Sanctum in Orlando

The Sanctum is one of the best places to go for plant-based meals. They serve up all types of options for vegans, but they also serve eggs and cheese on the menu. This makes it a great choice for both vegans and vegetarians or anybody looking for something healthy.

You'll find great juices and smoothies on the menu with other items, such as avocado toast, grain bowls, salads, pastas, sammies and so much more.

Market on South in Orlando

An all vegan place with plenty of healthy dishes, Market on South is a great choice. They have all kinds of options, such as tacos, sloppy joes and much more. White it's all vegan, they have some of the classic options, such as mac n' cheese doughnuts and so much more. The T.L.T. sandwich is very popular, as well.

Create Your Nature in Winter Park

Dandelion Communitea CafeThose looking to eat clean will love Create your Nature. This is the spot in Winter Park for a healthy breakfast or lunch. They provide fruits and veggies all throughout the menu with oat bowls, salads and so much more. A few other great spots in Orlando for healthy eating include:

  • Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Colonialtown
  • Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux in Audubon Park
  • Infusion Tea in College Park
  • Veggie Garden in Colonialtown
  • Skyebird in Audubon Park

Eating healthy in Orlando doesn't have to be so difficult and doesn't mean you can't go out for a meal. If you're looking for something healthy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or clean eating approved, these are the best places in Orlando to try.

Sept. 19, 2017

A Look at Two Popular Lake Nona Neighborhoods

Lake Nona ArchLake Nona is full of great neighborhoods for a variety of different buyers. From apartments to townhomes to single-family homes to luxury custom homes, you'll find a little bit of everything here. Today, let's take a closer look at two of the popular neighborhoods found in Lake Nona: Somerset Park and Laureate Park.

Somerset Park

Somerset Park Lake NonaThis neighborhood is rather new as it opened in the spring of 2015. It's a gated community found in the western area of Lake Nona. Homes are still being built here and a couple of home builders are available to help. The neighborhood also provides plenty of great amenities.

Builders in Somerset Park

Homes in Somerset ParkWhile it's possible to find an existing home for sale in Somerset Park, it’s more likely you'll have one built. Century Homes and M/I Homes are the builders for this community. Both provide something a bit different and some of the finest homes you will find in Lake Nona.

Century Homes offers 12 home designs with plenty of flexibility. The home designs can easily be customized to feature exactly what you want in a beautifully designed home specific for the neighborhood. Homes from Century Homes start around $261K and go up to about $368K. They range from 1,593 to 3,826 square feet.

M/I Homes also offers multiple floor plans and designs with plenty of flexibility in Somerset Park. The homes start around $284K and feature anywhere from 1,758 to 4,068 square feet. These homes tend to be a bit larger and they offer both energy and money savings as 100% Energy Star Certified homes.

Amenities in Somerset Park

Somerset Park provides trails, playgrounds and parks for residents to enjoy. Plenty of green space is found throughout the neighborhood. Residents also enjoy a community pool and cabana, along with other recreational spaces.

Laureate Park

Laureate Park Crescent ParkAnother great neighborhood in Lake Nona, Laureate Park offers townhomes, cottages, bungalows and multi-story house designs. It's a modern community with plenty of technology throughout and a beautiful design.

Builders in Laureate Park

Residents choosing to live in Laureate Park have seven different builders to choose from:

  • Ashton Woods Homes - One of the largest private home building companies in the entire country, Ashton Woods offer s personalized designs with plenty of custom features.
  • Craft Homes - Provides unique designs with a belief in building a better home for you through design and technology.
  • David Weekly Homes - A well-known home building name, David Weekly Homes offer customizable options to ensure you get the home of your dreams.
  • Dream Finders Homes - Offering functional home designed with stylish features.
  • Minto Homes - Since 1955, Minto Homes has been providing incredible home designs throughout the country.
  • Pulte Homes - Responsible for building the four-story townhomes next to the Village Center within the community.
  • Taylor Morrison Homes - This is the builder for the homes in Preserve at Laureate Park, which is a bit more luxurious.

All of the builders provide something unique and plenty to offer for home buyers looking to live in Laureate Park.

Amenities in Laureate Park

Laureate Park Aquatic CenterThe community offers plenty of amenities from the resort-style aquatic center to the dog parks. Enjoy playgrounds, walking/biking/running rails, pocket parks and so much more. There's a community garden and a fitness center within Laureate Park, along with a Lakehouse for events.

Both Somerset Park and Laureate Park offer great choices in Lake Nona.

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Sept. 5, 2017

What's Coming to Lake Nona Soon?

shopping and dining in Lake Nona LandingPlenty of new stores, restaurants and developments seem to be popping up throughout Lake Nona. From the new stores at Lake Nona Landing to the possibility of Cricket, there's plenty in store for this area of Central Florida. Here's a quick look at some of the things coming to Lake Nona Soon.

New Stores and Restaurants at Lake Nona Landing

After opening in January with both a Sam's Club and a Walmart Supercenter, Lake Nona Landing has been growing with new stores and restaurants like crazy. There are several new options coming to the area including:

  • Panda Express
  • T-Mobile
  • Pet Smart
  • Jeremiah's Italian Ice
  • Rise Pies Handcrafted Pizza

All of these stores and restaurants have been reported as opening soon by Tavistock.

Lake Nona Town Center Hotel Coming Soon

New Lake Nona Town Center HotelThe plans for a 16-story hotel at the Lake Nona Town Center were recently released. The hotel will feature 215 rooms and will be included in the next phase of the town center. It will be a full-service option with plenty of luxury for business professionals and leisure travelers.

Construction on the hotel is expected to start in early 2018. The hotel will be found in the premier dining, shopping and entertainment district of Lake Nona. It will be designed by Arquitectonica with a sleek exterior, ballroom, rooftop pool and lounge and much more.

Futuristic Shopping Center from Google's Intersection

The Tavistock Group recently announced a partnership with Intersection, a sister company of Google, in creating a Digital Master Plan of the Lake Nona Town Center. This plan will provide many technological features making it easier to optimize the dining and shopping experience for those in the area.

It includes a Wayfinder, which will make finding stores easier and it also includes technology to make parking easier. The two companies will work together for about nine months to create this Digital Master Plan for the town center. It will certainly help to keep Lake Nona on the forefront when it comes to technology.

Cricket Coming to the Lake Nona Sport District

Lake Nona Cricket Field LayoutCricket is currently undergoing an expansion in the United States through the U.S. Cricket League. Orlando was one of the cities chosen by Global Sports Ventures as a potential place for a team. One of the sites on the list is Lake Nona because of the sports district.

Since the sports district has plenty of undeveloped land, it would be easy for Global Sports Ventures to come in and create a Cricket complex. Tavistock has been trying to attract a professionals sport association and has already reeled in the USTA and the Orlando City Soccer Club. Cricket could be the next big sport to hit Lake Nona and it could bring plenty of unique fun with it.

There are plenty of new things coming to Lake Nona soon. Many new stores, restaurants, a new hotel and so much more are coming to this area of Central Florida. Lake Nona is certainly growing and remaining on top of the latest technology in the process.

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Sept. 5, 2017

Top Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Orlando Florida

Lake Eola in Downtown OrlandoThere are plenty of great things to do in Orlando all year long. However, with the fall coming, the rain will start to become less frequent and the hot temperatures will become a bit milder. This means, it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy Orlando and the surrounding area.

Enjoying outdoor activities is a huge part of the culture throughout Central Florida. Here are some of the top outdoor attractions you'll find throughout the Orlando area.

Orlando Urban Bike Trail

This bike trail offers 2.5 miles of fun, off-road trails to enjoy. Ride from Ivanhoe Village to Winter Park and enjoy all kinds of great scenery, wildlife and so much more. It's a great way to get your exercise and it's a pretty easy ride.

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Wekiwa Springs State ParkThe Wekiwa Springs State Park offers some of the best natural beauty found near Orlando. It's a very diverse area with the Wekiva River running through. You can enjoy paddling, camping or a number of other activities here.

The wildlife is found all throughout with many birds, deer, black bear and even turkey found here. Kayaking and canoeing provides a great way to see the park, while horseback is another option. Both are available at the park for a fee.

Wekiva Island

Wekiva IslandA charming spot with plenty of unexpected things, Wekiva Island offers an oasis to enjoy. It's not far from Wekiva Springs Road and offers some unique beauty in Central Florida.

You can rent a canoe or kayak to enjoy the water or just walk through the trails and spot birds, deer, otter and other wildlife. It's even possible to stop in at Tooting Otter, the local bar on site. Other activities you can enjoy here include swimming, horseshoes, volleyball and so much more. You may even find live music here from time to time.

Showcase of Citrus

One of those places you simply won't find anywhere else, Showcase of Citrus is only found in Florida. It's owned by citrus farmers and provides 13 types of oranges, along with lemons, limes, tangerines and so much more. You can pick the fruit yourself or just pick up a bag. They also have a Monster Truck Eco Tour here and plenty of gators you can watch in the canals while enjoying a frozen orange juice.

Kelly Park

Rock Springs at Kelly ParkEnjoy the headwaters of Rock Springs Run or just immerse yourself in the lush landscape at Kelly Park. It's one of the most unique spots you will find with a 68-degree natural spring you can enjoy. The water in the spring is crystal blue and it's not something you will find many other places.

In addition, Kelly Park provides one of the top places for camping and hiking in the area. You can enjoy the float trip throughout the water, just like a lazy river. It's about 30 minutes long and you can bring your own tube or rent one.

There are several great outdoor activities to enjoy throughout Orlando all year long. These spots provide something unique outside of the very touristy options, many theme parks and incredible golf courses throughout the area. If you're looking for something different, check out one of the attractions on this list.

Aug. 21, 2017

Top Retirement Communities Found in Central Florida

Retiring to Central Florida just makes sense for so many people. It's a great spot with excellent weather most of the year and it's close to all the action. In addition, Florida is one of the seven states in the U.S. without a state income tax.

Before you just pick up and leave home for Central Florida, it's a good idea to know your options. There are several great retirement communities designed specifically for those looking to enjoy life. Here's a look at a few of the top retirement communities found in Central Florida.

Solivita - Kissimmee, Florida

Solivita FloridaLocated close to Disney World, Solivita is one of the top retirement communities found in Central Florida. Imagine the grandchildren visiting and taking them to Disney World and Legoland Florida. Both are located in Kissimmee near this retirement community.

Solivita is a 55+ community with homes starting at $100K. The homes go up to about $500K and there are a total of 5,900 homes within the community, currently. You will even have the option to buy a newly built home or an existing home within the community.

Kings Ridge - Clermont, Florida

Another great choice for retirement is the Kings Ridge community found in Clermont. This community is close to Universal Studios and within driving distance of Daytona Beach. Kings Ridge is an exclusive 55+ community with more than 2,000 seniors living here. It's close to restaurants, shopping options, hospitals and everything you'll need. Homes range from $100K to $400K in this community.

Cypress Lakes - Lakeland, Florida

Cypress Lakes In Lakeland FloridaAn ideal spot in Central Florida for retiring, Cypress Lakes provides plenty of great attractions. The cost of living is more than 12% lower than the National Average and the gated community is fully-equipped. The city includes the Joker Merchant Stadium, Lakeland Center, Fantasy of Flashlights and plenty of lake parks to enjoy.

Cypress Lakes includes just over 1,600 homes with prices starting below $100K. Many of the homes within the community sell for less than $200K.

Villages of Citrus Hills - Hernando, Florida

A great place to call home during retirement, the Villages of Citrus Hill has more than 10,000 homes. It's not an age restricted community and provides homes going up to about $800K in price. It's known as one of the best places to retire in the entire country.

The Villages - The Villages, Florida

The Villages FloridaOne of the largest and most attractive retirement communities in the country, The Villages was built for retirees. Over 56,000 homes are found here and the area takes up about 20,000 acres of land. Many of the smaller communities within The Villages are 55+ communities and homes can go anywhere from $100K up to $2 million.

The Villages includes plenty of amenities, entertainment, shopping options and dining options. It's a place to call home with so much to offer. The Villages has been named as one of the top retirement communities, but it has also been called Florida's Friendliest Hometown.

There are several great communities in Central Florida for retirees. These few represent some of the top option if you're looking to move to Florida and enjoy the great climate during your retirement years.

Aug. 21, 2017

A Closer Look at The Villages, Florida

The Villages FloridaLocated north of Orlando, The Villages is found in Sumter County, Florida. It's actually a census-designated place and shares its name with the master-planned, age-restricted retirement community call The Villages. While the entire area isn't age-restricted, the actual retirement communities found throughout are all 55+ communities.

Florida's Friendlies Hometown

The Villages has been named as Florida's Friendliest Hometown and for good reason. It was founded about three decades ago by the Morse family. The vision was to create a secure, inviting and friendly place for retirees to call home and enjoy life, and they succeeded. With a wide variety of homes, affordable prices and plenty of things to do, The Villages is certainly one of the top spots for retiring in all of Florida.

Homes & Villas in the Villages

The Villages offers a wide variety of options starting around $100K and going up to about $2 million. You can enjoy seasonal living or year-round living here with new and pre-owned homes available. With more than 56,000 homes found throughout, it won't be difficult to find the right place for you to call home.

Golf in the Villages

The Villages FloridaPlenty of golf is found all throughout The Villages. You can play complimentary golf for the rest of your life when you live here. Residents receive a free lifetime membership to all of the Country Clubs found throughout including both Nancy Lopez Legacy and Palmer Legends.

There are a total of 35 nine-hole courses found throughout the Villages. These are executive courses with mainly par 3 holes, but the occasional par 4 or par 5 is found on some courses. All courses offer something a little bit difference with a challenge for all skill levels.

Recreation Centers in the Villages

Another huge part of The Villages is the recreation. Many different options are found all throughout with numerous recreation centers. Some of the finest activities are found with both indoor and outdoor options, such as dance, arts and crafts, swimming, sports, social clubs and so much more.

America's Healthiest Hometown

The Villages has also been named s America's Healthiest Hometown because of the many option found throughout There are several neighborhood fitness centers and plenty of health care facilities throughout. MVP Sports Club is found here and provides the premier fitness choice in The Villages.

Shopping & Dining in the Villages

The Villages FloridaOf course, plenty of great shopping and dining is found close to every retirement community in The Villages. From fine dining to casual pubs, you'll find a little bit of everything here. Shopping includes many quaint boutiques throughout the town squares and a number of national brands you'll recognize.

Along with all the amenities, dining options and shopping options, The Villages is home to plenty of live entertainment and regular events. In addition, everything is just a golf car ride away, as many residents own and use their golf cars regularly. Instead of hopping in your regular car, many residents use golf cars to pick up groceries, go shopping, go out to dinner and for a number of other activities.

If you're looking to retire and have your sights set on Central Florida, The Villages will provide just what you're looking for. It's a very social atmosphere with plenty of great events to enjoy and some of the finest amenities of any retirement community in the country.

July 19, 2017

Most Affluent Cities & Towns in Central Florida

Affluent Homes in OrlandoMany great communities are found all throughout the Orlando area. There are several communities with a much higher median household income than average and some are considered to be very wealthy communities. Here's a look at some of the most affluent neighborhoods found throughout Orlando.


A very affluent community in Orlando, Windermere provides a very high median household income at more than $111K. It's full of incredible homes, great amenities and plenty more. The average home sells for just under $1 million and some go as high as $2.35 million.


Another very affluent community found in Orlando is Oviedo. This city has a median household income of more than $82K and provides very luxurious homes. The city has been named as one of the top choices to live in by Relocate America multiple times and provides a very popular location. The community has homes in a wide range of prices, but some top the $2.5 million mark.


The Town of Oakland is located in Orange County and has a median household income of more than $81K. Some of the non developed lots may start at just $35K, but homes average more than $500K and go up to far more than $1 million. Oakland is also home to some great lakefront properties.

Lake Mary

Found in Seminole County, Lake Mary comes in with a median household income of $76K. This very affluent area provides some very fine homes with prices coming in around $450K and up. Some will even top the $1 million mark.

Belle Isle

Another unique location with a high median household income, Belle Isle comes in at just over $71K. Many homes come in at more than $500K here and the average home sells for over $650K. Even condos within the area tend to be more luxurious and more expensive.


An Orange County gem with a median household income of more than $71K, Edgewood is a very affluent community. Homes in the area come in at an average of about $225K, which may seem low, but some of the area homes go up to as much as $1 million.


Just under $71K for the median household income, Maitland is another one making the list. It's a popular location with homes ranging from about $125K all the way up to $3.7 million.

While these communities may not compare to the likes of Lake Nona, Isleworth, Doctor Phillips and Celebration when it comes to the homes, these communities are considered to be nearly as affluent, when looking at the median household income.

Median Household Income for Affluent Communities in Orlando

It's easy to see how some of the best towns and cities in Central Florida compare to the top and most well-known communities for the rich. Only Isleworth has a median household income well above those on the list above. If you're searching for a very affluent community in Central Florida, these are the best choices to consider.

July 11, 2017

New Multi-Family Development Called Pixon Breaking Ground in Lake Nona

Pixon Apartments Lake NonaPixon is the newest multi-family development in Lake Nona and it's set to break ground very soon. The development comes from Tavistock Development Company and they recently announced construction will begin in September 2017. The development will be located within walking distance of the Lake Nona Town Center at the intersection of Lake Nona Boulevard and Tavistock Lakes Boulevard.

Urban-Inspired Community

Pixon will be an urban-inspired development with a total of 201 units throughout. The modern flat community will provide a number of innovations and conveniences including a Tesla ride share program, Bluetooth door entry, 3D printer and plenty of great amenities throughout the building. A concierge delivery system will be provides, along with 32,500 square feet of retail found on the ground floor. It will also include the first micro-apartments in Orlando.

Building permits still need to be finalized by the City of Orlando before construction can start. Balfour Beatty Construction was chosen as the general contractor for Pixon and as long as the permits are approved, the project will break ground in September. The goal is to open the project in the Winter of 2018 with SPM Property Management handling the pre-leasing of the micro-, one- and two-bedroom units in the Summer of 2018.

Torti Gallas + Partners teamed up with M+A Architects to design the development with forward-thinking aesthetics, incredible amenities and so much more. The development will cover about 4.25 acres of land and will feature the debut of the ride share program from Tesla. There will be several onsite vehicles for residents to use to help encourage eco-friendly transportation. Electric car charging stations and bike storage will also be a part of the design.

The main building will stand 11 stories tall and will be connected to a three-story parking structure through a second-story walkway. Access controls will be found throughout the building with elevators, a 24-hour concierge and valet service, along with 24-hour express maintenance and valet trash pickup. Pixon will also be a pet-friendly building with a grooming and spa area for pets designed into the amenities package.

Other amenities expected as a part of the design include a 24-hour gym with top rated equipment. A game and media center will also be available, along with computers stations, a 3D printer, living room and so much more. Grilling stations, outdoor activities and a relaxation fountain are all expected, as well. The 11th floor will even feature a sky lounge with great views, private outdoor dining and a resident bar.

The Apartments

Pixon Micro Apartments in Lake NonaWithin the building will be 201 total residential units. These will include 6 micro units at about 360 square feet, 42 studies at about 560 square feet, 52 one-bedroom units at about 730 square feet and 101 two-bedroom units at about 1,050 square feet. There will also be one penthouse unit with 1,730 square feet of living space.

Apartments will feature 10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows with stainless steel appliances, quartz counter tops, washers and dryers, frameless glass showers and more. The Lake Nona fiber network for internet will be available to residents, along with Bluetooth enabled entry door hardware and HD video.

This is a highly anticipated development in Lake Nona and will bring something new and exciting to one of the most innovative areas in all of Florida.

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July 11, 2017

Top Orlando Lake Communities: Lake Minneola Clermont

Minneola FloridaLake Minneola in Clermont, Florida is one of the top lake communities in all of Central Florida. It's found just 30 minutes from Orlando and provides a quiet community near Lake Minneola and Lake Apopka. About 7,000 residents live here and many of the homes are found right on the lake.

The area is known for great events and social activities held throughout the year. Plenty of parks are found here to host all kinds of activities outside including picnics, hikes, biking events and more. The parks offer all kinds of activities to enjoy with sports courts, trails, inline skating, playgrounds and more.

Real Estate near Lake Minneola

Several neighborhoods offer great homes along Lake Minneola. The homes found along the northwestern banks of the lake are also found near or even bordering the Palisades Golf Course. It's very possible to get a lake home that is also a golf course home in this area.

Homes found along the Palisades Golf Course range from $300K to about $800K with the average home in this area at about $700K. Many of these homes offer both golf and lake options and sit right on the water.

The southern area of the lake is actually Clermont, which offers one of the top areas to call home in Central Florida. Homes in the Clermont area usually offer a lot from one-third acre to one acre with prices ranging from about $225K up to $500K.

The northeastern area of Lake Minneola also offers some land still available for building. Many of the parcels start around $120K and having a home built here will range from about $300K up to $800K.

Things to Do Near Lake Minneola

Of course, the lake provides the best activities with plenty of excellent fishing for Shellcracker, Bluegill and Largemouth Bass. Residents also enjoy a number of water sports including boating, swimming, paddle boarding and so much more. Many smaller lakes are also found in the area offering resident even more options for water fun.

Along with the lakes and the water activities, the Lakeridge Winery is found nearby. This attraction offers plenty of fun and was opened back in 1989. The winners covers 127 acres and offers tastings, entertainment and more. It serves about 110,000 visitors every single year.

Great Schools

Lake Minneola is known for the water activities and waterfront homes. However, it's also known for Lake Minneola High School, which was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top choices in the state. It made the top 14% in all of Florida for academic achievement and college readiness, according to the Best High Schools report.

The school actually ranked 121st in the state out of 889 schools and 2,087th in the nation. This may not seem great, but it puts the school in the top 10% in the entire country and it was awarded a silver medal.

Living near Lake Minneola

With plenty of things to do, great views and a variety of homes to choose from, Lake Minneola offers homebuyers a great option. You can choose a golf/waterfront home and enjoy the best of both worlds or just live near the lake. The location is one of the best in Central Florida and residents love the small town atmosphere just 30 minutes from Orlando.