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Churches and Houses of Worship in Belle Isle

There are a varied amount of faiths, churches and houses of worship around the Belle Isle area.  They include:

  • St. Mary of the Angels Episcopal Church - 6316 Matchett Road
  • First Baptist Church of Pine Castle - 1001 Hoffner Ave
  • Galatian Baptist Church - 6501 Randolph Ave
  • Pine Castl United Methodist Church - 731 Fairlane Ave
  • Life More Abundantly Ministries - 7931 Daetwyler Drive
  • South Conway Road Baptist Church - 6099 S Conway Rd
  • Mosaic Life Church and Family Center - 5232 S Orange Ave
  • Kingdom Life - 6208 S Orange Ave
  • Church of God 333 E Oak Ridge Road
  • Re Think Life Church - 5140 S Conway Road
  • Church of Christ Pine Castle - 21 W Lancaster Road
  • Iglesia Way to Calvary - 306 W Lancaster Road
  • St Mary's Baptist Church - 4695 S Conway Road
  • Church of Christ at South Bumby - 3940 S. Bumby Ave
  • Deeper Fellowship Church - 170 Sunport Lane
  • Southside Baptist Church - 1720 Lake Margaret Drive
  • Discovery Church - 4400 S Orange Ave
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - 4020 S Bumby Ave.

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