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Bay Hill Utility & Community Contacts

Below is a list of community, county, regional and statewide utility and service providers for the Bay Hill area.

Emergency Numbers

  • All Police, Medical & Fire Emergency Calls: 911
  • Crimeline: 407.423.TIPS
  • Poison Control: 800.222.1222
  • Animal Services: 407.254.9140

Bay Hill Utilities

Bay Hill Community Numbers

  • Bay Hill Club: 407-876-2429
  • Bay Hill Property Owners Assoc: 407-656-1081
  • Bay Hill Deputy: 407-592-6503
  • Sidewalk Repair: 407-656-2856

Orange County Contact Numbers

Regional, State & Federal Agency Contacts

Useful Contacts

  • Alarm-Security: ADT Security
  • General Contractors: R&P General Contracting 407.453.8090
  • Handyman - Barry Leibowitz 407.219.7242
  • Insurance - Homeowners: BR Insurance Group - Brenda Barton 800.508.7750
  • Newspaper - Orlando Sentinel: 407.420.5353
  • Pest Control: Empire Pest Management - 407.432.3743
  • Painter (interior & exterior): Fernandez Painting Experts 407.803.2054


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